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About the Book

Cases and Materials on Torts 11E

Front Cover - Cases and Materials on Torts 11E

Eleventh Edition

Richard A. Epstein
New York University School of Law
Stanford University
The University of Chicago

Catherine M. Sharkey
New York University School of Law

2016. Approx. 1200 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6825-5. 

About the Book

Cases and Materials on Torts, Eleventh Edition for Fall 2016 classes. The Connected Casebook is a powerful, all-in-one learning solution offering your students a print casebook; a fully functional eBook, with highlighting and note-taking capabilities; hundreds of practice questions in the Study Center; and an Outline Tool to help outline more efficiently and effectively.  

This top tier casebook integrates modern scholarship with historical background to provide a sense of the development of tort law. The thoughtful presentation engages students by examining different intellectual approaches used to interpret law.
The 11th edition carries many successful features from earlier editions, including extensive historical materials on the evolution of tort law, an expanded treatment of public nuisance law, recent developments in products liability law, expansion of the materials on various types of injuries in damage cases, and heavier emphasis on web-based communications under the law of defamation and privacy.

Key Features:
 Updated two-color design
 New Restatement boxes that highlight the law for easy reference
 Condensation of basic material, including a combination of the insurance contract and no fault insurance issues into a single chapter
 Introduction of new visual materials in each chapter, including pictures charts, cartoons, and biographical sketches of key figures in tort law, as an assist to the case and other materials

Preface / Sample Chapters