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About the Book

Legal Writing and Analysis

Front Cover - Legal Writing and Analysis

Fourth Edition

Linda H. Edwards
William S. Boyd School of Law

2015. 382 pages. ISBN: 978-1-45-485798-3. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Legal Writing and Analysis is concise, but still has all of the clarity of Linda Edward’s writing style and process-based approach.  In a sequence that mirrors legal practice, students learn to read and analyze the law; discuss and write about legal issues; compose office and email memos, professional correspondence, and briefs; and prepare oral arguments. This book teaches students how to use analogical reasoning, in addition to rule-based and policy-based reasoning, as a tool for synthesizing cases, how to organize a legal discussion using analysis and reasoning, and how to use precedent in persuasive legal writing, particularly with regard to cases.

Look for these key features of the new edition:

• Thoroughly updated
• Discusses how to write an office memo via email
• Demonstrates how to use the optional "deep issue" format when writing issue statements 
• Features expanded coverage of analogizing and distinguishing cases
• Adds updates to the citation rules, consistent with current citation authorities

Preface / Sample Chapters