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National Security Law 6E

Front Cover - National Security Law 6E

Sixth Edition

Stephen Dycus 
Vermont Law School

Arthur L. Berney 
Boston College Law School

William C. Banks
Syracuse University College of Law

Peter Raven-Hansen
George Washington University Law School

Stephen I. Vladeck
University of Texas School of Law

2016. 1480 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6832-3. Teacher’s Manual and supplementary materials may be found on the Professor Materials page.

About the Book

National Security Law, Sixth Edition, provides the broadest exploration of constitutional, domestic, and international law issues in National Security of any book in the field. This highly respected team of authors uses expressive and descriptive text to provide context and informative historical and background information. The Sixth Edition features the most recent and important cases, as well as excerpts from significant reports and other materials, and a thorough Teacher’s Manual gives adopters helpful backup.

This book has been adopted for classroom use at a majority of American law schools, as well as military academies and schools, and non-law graduate programs.

Among the features that have made this the preeminent casebook in the field:
    • Cohesive thematic framework — surveying the law and process for using U.S. force abroad, intelligence gathering, counterterrorism, homeland security, related civil liberties concerns, and access to sensitive government information in a democracy.
    • Currency and comprehensive coverage — addressing the very latest developments in the field.
    • Rich, well-balanced primary materials — including judicial opinions, statutes, executive orders, and executive branch memoranda.
    • Special guidance for students and teachers — introductory questions for principal cases, extensive notes and questions after, summary of basic principles at the end of each chapter.
    • Numerous shorter chapters — to reflect the way professors actually use the materials in the classroom.
    • Comprehensive Teacher’s Manual — more than 400 pages, with full explanations and analysis.
    • Annual Supplements — containing recent developments in this very dynamic field.
    • Website — reflecting the very latest developments during each academic year, with edited materials for classroom use.

New to the Sixth Edition:

Important recent cases, including:
    • Zivotofsky v. Kerry (2015)
    • Hernandez v. United States (2015)
    • Clapper v. Amnesty International USA (2013) 
    • Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. (2013)
    • American Civil Liberties Union v. Clapper (2015)
    • In re Application of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2015)
    • Ibrahim v. Dept. of Homeland Security (2014)
    • Turkmen v. Hasty (2015)
    • Hedges v. Obama (2013)
    • Aamer v. Obama (2014)
    • Al Bahlul v. United States (2015)

Other significant new materials:
    • materials on the U.S. intervention in Syria and operations against ISIL
    • materials on standards for targeted killing
    • a new chapter on cyberwarfare
    • a new chapter on bulk collection and data-mining
    • re-organized chapters on intelligence methods, the organization of the intelligence community, and intelligence operations
    • re-organized chapters on “enhanced interrogation,” including the SSCI report

    Table of Cases, Sixth Edition
    Index, Sixth Edition

Preface / Sample Chapters
    Preface, Sixth Edition

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