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About the Book

Environmental Law: A Conceptual and Pragmatic Approach 3E

Front Cover - Environmental Law: A Conceptual and Pragmatic Approach 3E

Third Edition

David Driesen
Syracuse University College of Law

Robert Adler
University of Utah College of Law

Kirstin Engel
University of Arizona College of Law

2016. 654 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7001-2. 

About the Book

Environmental Law: A Conceptual and Pragmatic Approach, Third Edition, organizes its presentation of environmental law around key concepts rather than around statutes. This approach provides coherence to the study of Environmental Law. It also orients students in a way that will allow them to become effective practitioners, well acquainted with the central recurring problems in the field. The book focuses primarily on pollution control law, but includes a chapter on environmental restoration and some treatment of NEPA and the ESA. It also offers numerous problems involving global climate disruption to give students practice in applying the book’s concepts and particular statutory provisions to the most important contemporary issue, while allowing students to understand how a single scientific problem can implicate numerous statutes.

New to the 3rd Edition:
• Statutory trail guides sketching individual statutory schemes to provide a rich legal context for particular legal problems and an understanding of legal practice 
• Streamlined content making it possible to teach the entire book in a semester course
• Reorganization to better convey key concepts
• Several problems based on EPA’s Clean Power Plan limiting electric utility carbon dioxide emissions

Preface / Sample Chapters