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About the Book

Cyberspace Law: Cases and Materials

Front Cover - Cyberspace Law: Cases and Materials

Fourth Edition 

Raymond S. R. Ku
Case Western Reserve University

2016. 840 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-3766-4.

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About the Book

Written by the Director for the newly created Center for Cyberspace Law & Policy at Case Western Reserve University, the Fourth Edition of Cyberspace Law: Cases and Materials reflects the broad knowledge and experience of a pioneer in the teaching of Cyberspace law. This was the first casebook devoted exclusively to the study of cyberspace law, and is the only one that presents it as the study of the creation, dissemination, and acquisition of human thought, creativity, and information in the digital age. Of note is the casebook’s organization, which allows instructors to adapt the materials to their approaches. 


  • The Supreme Court’s recent decisions in J. McIntyre v. Nicastro (jurisdiction), Brown v. Entertainment Merchants (video games), ABC v. Aereo (copyright), Bilski v. Kappos (business method patents), and Riley v. California (Smart phone privacy)
  • Lower court cases including: Authors Guild v. Google (Google books fair use), Lenz v. Universal Music (DMCA notice), Fraley v. Facebook (Misappropriation), and Verizon v. FCC (net neutrality)
  • Presentation of current Internet law as well as related policy concerns that will drive future legal analysis when new issues emerge

Preface / Sample Chapters