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About the Book

Clear and Effective Legal Writing

Front Cover - Clear and Effective Legal Writing

Fifth Edition

Veda R. Charrow, PH.D.
Myra K. Erhardt, Esq.
Robert P. Charrow, Esq.

2013. 512 pages. ISBN9781454830948.
With Instructorís Manual.

About the Book

A classic introduction to legal analysis and legal writing, focusing on the memo and brief, and reinforcing key writing skills.

  • Distinguishing between legal language and ordinary discourse
  • A step-by-step overview of legal analysis
  • A logical organization that traces the process of legal writing
    • Understand the context of the document
    • Determine the documentís purpose or purposes
    • Identify and analyze the audience or audiences for the document
    • Identify the constraints on the writer and the document
    • Organize the document effectively
    • Use a clear and persuasive writing style
    • Review and edit the document
  • Straightforward rules to use when writing legal documents, with examples that illustrate both the right and the wrong way to write
  • A balance of legal reasoning and legal writing, seamlessly combined to help the reader understand the relationship between the two
  • Numerous skill-development exercises throughout the text
  • Actual trial court memoranda and Supreme Court briefs, dissected and annotated, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in each example
  • An interview with the Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States, revealing what the Court expects from a brief
  • Guidance for transforming a memorandum into an advocacy document
  • Additional writing and grammar guidelines, and formatting rules in the appendices