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Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions, 3E

Front Cover - Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions, 3E

Third Edition

James Brook
New York Law School

2016. 576 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7060-9.

About the Book

The problem approach featured in Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions thoroughly engages students with imaginative scenarios, presenting the material as easily accessible and as manageable as possible without avoiding the intricacies of secured transactions. Students come to appreciate that the principal resource for the course is UCC Article 9 itself. While the casebook is an essential tool for study, the law is found in the Code. Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions is carefully designed for an introductory mainstream course, not for an advanced course or seminar. The material is presented as completely comprehensible, even enjoyable, rather than an arcane science that only an insider can be expected to understand. Cases are heavily edited, and liberal editorial notes help express the vibrancy of true-life situations. A good mix of short and long problems gives each lesson a comprehensive linear flow while keeping students focused. A progressive mix of problems helps students see the common elements, as rules and principals learned in a simpler setting can readily be applied to more complex transactions. Earlier problems lean more heavily, though not exclusively, on the individual and consumer-borrower situations. As the lessons advance, the mix of materials progressively includes more small-business and large-business transactions.

Key Features of the New Edition:
The latest on the 2010 Revisions to Article 9, in particular how the "name of the debtor" problem is now to be dealt with 
New legislative initiatives addressing the problem of so-called "bogus" or "harassing" filings
Twelve new principal cases decided since 2010 bring the book up to date and better elucidate points to be made

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