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About the Book

Corporate and White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials

Front Cover - Corporate and White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials

Sixth Edition

The Late Kathleen F. Brickey
Washington University Law School  

Jennifer Taub
Vermont Law School 

2017. Approx. 800 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-8136-0.

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About the Book

With its focus on substantive law, this book provides systematic and comprehensive consideration of major white-collar crime statutes in the federal criminal code, securities laws, and environmental statutes. 

New to the Sixth Edition:

The 6th edition of Corporate and White Collar Crime includes landmark decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court and federal appellate courts through December 2016. It also features discussions around and updates to the Attorney General's prosecution guidelines made under the leadership of Attorneys General Holder and Lynch, including the “Too Big to Fail” and individual accountability pronouncements. New judicial decisions include: 

  • Salman v. United States (Insider Trading)
  • Yates v. United States (Sarbanes Oxley)
  • McDonnell v. United States (Bribery of Public Officials)
  • RJR v. European Commission (RICO / extraterritorial application)
Casebook Features:

  • Focus on major white-collar crime statutes distinguishes this book from its competitors and provides timely and topical coverage of contemporary substantive law issues.
  • Clear and concise expository introductions found throughout each chapter provide illuminating contexts for reading the cases that follow.
  • Well edited and selected cases—good “teaching cases”—are followed by provocative notes and questions that stimulate lively classroom discussion.
  • Well written problems throughout the book enrich understanding of the cases and challenge students to apply substantive law principles to hypotheticals that test the outer bounds of the principal cases.
  • Recent Justice Department prosecution guidelines provide an excellent vehicle for exploring policy considerations relating to prosecuting corporations and their officers and executives. 
  • Distinguished authorship: Kathleen Brickey, the author of a three-volume treatise on white collar crime, a text on environmental crime, and many articles in the field, served as a consultant to the U.S. Sentencing Commission. Jennifer Taub, an expert in securities and financial market regulation, has explored issues of enterprise and individual accountability, including in her financial crisis book Other People's Houses, and has testified before Congressional committees. She is formerly an associate general counsel at Fidelity Investments.

Preface / Sample Chapters