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Contracts: Cases and Doctrine

Front Cover - Contracts: Cases and Doctrine

Sixth Edition

Randy E. Barnett
Georgetown University

Nathan B. Oman
William & Mary

2016. 1,248 Pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7103-3. 

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With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Contracts: Cases and Doctrine, Sixth Edition, features a mix of lightly-edited classic and contemporary cases that stresses current contract doctrine along with the essential lawyering skill of case analysis—how to sift through the facts of the case to discern the prevailing rules and theory. Randy Barnett and Nate Oman’s innovative text introduces each case and provides the historical background of the iconic cases that make the study of contract law engaging. Study Guide questions help students identify salient issues as they read each case. Judicial biographies of each judge provides additional context.

Key Features of the New Edition:

The 6th Edition has been edited to make it even more modular and therefore easier for professors to select which doctrines to cover. The introductory materials have been shortened to permit a speedier entry to whichever basic doctrine the professor chooses to begin with. A new section on public policy defenses has been added.  Recent developments involving arbitration agreements in the wake of the Supreme Court’s AT&T Mobility case are also covered.  In addition, roughly a dozen new cases have been substituted, chosen for their interesting facts or their proven pedagogical usefulness.  As always, every effort is made to provide students with background materials on the litigation, such as new judicial biographies and excerpts from recently published scholarship dealing with the cases covered.

New cases include:

Jordan v. Knafel
Arnold Porter v. Fuqua Industries
Nguyen v. Barnes & Noble Inc.

Also, in keeping with the book’s focus on the “classic” cases we have included some iconic cases missing from earlier editions, including:

Masterson v. Sine
Security Stove & Manfacturing Co. v. American Railway Express
Lefkowitz v. Great Minneapolis Surplus Store
Lawrence v. Fox
Harris v. Watson

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