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About the Book

Federal Income Taxation

Front Cover - Federal Income Taxation

Seventeenth Edition

Joseph Bankman
Stanford University

Daniel N. Shaviro
New York University

Kirk J. Stark
University of California, Los Angeles

Edward D. Kleinbard
University of Southern California

2017. 800 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7102-6. 

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About the Book

Integrating theory and policy in an accessible format, the sterling author team of Federal Income Taxation imbues its subject with historical, economic, policy, and international perspective. Problems integrated throughout the text bridge the gap between theory and practice. Each edition of this renowned text builds on and adds to the strengths of its predecessors. 

New to the Seventeenth Edition:

  • Ed Kleinbard adds his unmatched knowledge of tax law and policy, and his ability to make complex points understandable
  • More graphs and examples add information in a user-friendly fashion
  • A few New Yorker cartoons to liven things up  
  • New cases, and some new older cases (such as Cesarini)  that faculty will recognize
  • New chapters on Public and Private Private Sphere, Debt, Economic Substance, and Law and Poverty
  • New material on tax and constitutional issues added in the Appendix 
  • Revamped discussion of deferred compensation
Features of the Book:

  • Notes, problems, and graphs make challenging material accessible
  • The book has always offered the highest integration of economics and policy analysis
  • Terrific teacher's manual with teaching notes on every case and concept
  • Great pedigree and authorship:  Original authors Boris Bittker and William A. Klein were eminent authorities (with beautiful writing styles). Bankman, Shaviro, Stark, and Kleinbard are among today's leading tax scholars.
  • Even with all the new material, it is still one of the shortest books around making it easy to teach from.

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