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About the Book

Federal Courts: Contexts, Cases, and Problems, 2E

Front Cover - Federal Courts: Contexts, Cases, and Problems, 2E

Second Edition

Michael P. Allen
Director, Veterans Law Institute
Stetson University

Michael Finch
Professor of Law
Stetson University

Caprice L. Roberts
Professor of Law
West Virginia University

2015. Approx. 1136 Pages. ISBN: 9781454822660. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

An innovative, highly accessible casebook that features problems, cases connected by narrative text, charts, and graphs, all presented in a manner suited to multiple teaching approaches.


• Incorporates problems throughout each chapter allowing students to reinforce their understanding of basic doctrine and to explore doctrine in greater depth.
• Presents information graphically through charts and diagrams to appeal to multiple learning styles and reinforce student comprehension.
• Includes all relevant statutes, rules, and constitutional provisions.
• Includes a comprehensive Teachers’ Manual with the authors’ suggestions for using chapter materials, the authors’ views about the text problems, and other supporting materials and references.
• Presents topics that otherwise overlap with coverage in Civil Procedure (e.g., subject matter jurisdiction) in a manner that leads to more advanced and interesting treatment.

Preface / Sample Chapters